My name is Iulian Gherghel, I'm a Ph.D. candidate and a central goal of my research is to understand the patterns and mechanisms underlying biological diversification and species distributions across scales. A significant part of my research also includes conservation, remote sensing and rewilding. A few of the questions that keep me busy are 1) how the biotic interactions and abiotic factors drive adaptation and diversification; 2) what is the role of biotic interactions and abiotic factors in shaping intraspecific trait variation in space and time; 3) investigating the factors that determine species distributions under global change; 4) refining and developing the existing methodologies used in biogeography and macroecology; and 5) how do organisms cope with the rapidly changing environment during Anthropocene. I explore these questions using a variety of tools, including geospatial analysis, remote sensing, species distributions modeling, landscape connectivity modeling, field observations, and experiments. For my research, I often use a combination of field observations, literature data, herbarium and/or museum data, as well as online databases and citizen data to gather species distribution and phenotypic data.

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