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Current address:

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences,
Institute of Interdisciplinary Research,
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University



- Doctoral Studies (2020): Case Western Reserve University, USA;

            Dissertation title: "How ecology and evolution shape species distributions and

            ecological interactions across time and space"

            (Adviser: Ryan Andrew Martin)

- Masters in Zoology (2015): Oklahoma State University, USA;

            Thesis title: "Living in two worlds: implications for ecological niche modeling

            and species distributions of sea kraits (Reptilia: Laticauda)"

            (Adviser: Monica Papes; Co-adviser: Francois Brischoux).

- English (2012): English Language Institute, Oklahoma State University, USA;

- Bachelor's Degree in Biology (2011): Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania;

            Thesis title: "Studies of some species of Lissotriton and Triturus (Amphibia:

            Salamandridae) from Romania" (Adviser: Stefan Zamfirescu).

Teaching and work experience:

- Graduate Teaching Assistant (2015 - 2019): Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, USA;

                Courses taught (2): Genes, Evolution and Ecology; Cells and Proteins.

- Graduate Teaching Assistant (2014 - 2015): Department of Integrative Biology, Oklahoma State University, USA;

                Courses taught (1): Animal Biology

- Graduate Research Assistant (2012 - 2013): Department of Zoology, Oklahoma State Univeristy, USA;

- Student Technician (2012): Department of Zoology, Oklahoma State Univeristy, USA;

- Ecologist Technician (2008): The National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Romania;

My complete CV is available upon request.

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