My research seeks to understand the patterns and mechanisms underlying biological diversification and species distributions across different time and spatial scales. 


  • March 2022: My grant proposal "The impact of global climate change on the development and phenotypic diversity in oviparous ectotherms" was selected for funding by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding of the Romanian Government

  • February 2022: I accepted a tenure track Scientific Researcher position at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University;

  • September 2021: Our paper on investigating the diversity Darevskia lindholmi was accepted for publication in Vertebrate Zoology

  • December 2020: I have successfully defended my PhD Dissertation

Latest article


Kukushkin, O.*, Ermakov, O.*, Gherghel, I.*, Lukonina, S., Svinin, A., Doronin, I., Simonov, E., Jablonski, D. (2021) The mitochondrial phylogeography of the Crimean endemic lizard Darevskia lindholmi (Sauria, Lacertidae): hidden diversity in an isolated mountain system. Vertebrate Zoology

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