Interactive map of the sea kraits (Laticauda sp.)

In 2016 we published a paper in ZooKeys where we aimed to provide a free database of sea kraits that can be further used for ecological and ecological studies. In the meantime, I have uploaded the occurrence maps on google maps and display them there, for those interested to better visualize their distributions. Click here to enlarge: Original reference: Gherghel I., Papeş M., Brischoux F., Sahlean T., Strugariu A. (2016): A revision of the distribution of sea kraits (Reptilia: Laticauda) with an updated dataset on occurrence for ecological and conservation research. ZooKeys 569: 135-148. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.569.6975. Related research: Gherghel, I., Brischoux, F., Papes, M. (2018) Using bio

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